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Friday, July 16, 2010

My Kikoy Experience!

I love Kikoys. Always have. I love color. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. The thing I love about Kikoys is how versatile they are. When I learned how to wrap my baby in a Kikoy and carry them on me I threw away the popular baby packs of the day. Carrying my babies on me felt natural. How it should be and so my babies lived on me for well over a year of their lives.

Now I see a lot of mommies walking around with their babies in Kikoys and I can't help but give a huge shout out! Yes!! I am so glad that more mommies are realizing the benefit of having their babies up close next to them.

A few weeks ago while walking in the local Farmer's Market I came across a booth run by some college students from Africa. Can young men be called adorable? Because they were! I hopped in their booth like a scone is drawn to oil. I was bathing in their excitement to show me their Kikoys and loving every minute of it.

They produced a full length mirror and proceeded to play dress up with me for about five minutes. Man was I disappointed when I had to tell them I didn't have any money with me at that time (who in the world goes to the Farmer's Market without cash??? I did have cash......I'd spent it already at the tye die lady's booth.......). I told these young men who I wanted to pack up and bring home with me that I'd be back the next week and I wanted THAT ONE! The brightest Kikoy they had!

The following week arrived and back I headed to the Farmer's Market with one booth in mind to hit. Well, the Kikoy booth and the artisan bread booth.... I'm a sucker for fresh bread and when it has oranges and cranberries in it......well....

As I walked up to the booth with the Kikoys the young men's eyes lit up. I told them, "I told you I'd be back"! High fives around and I grabbed the Kikoy I'd seen the week before. It was still there. Phew! The young man who'd been playing dress up with me the week before took a look at the sarong I had worn to the Farmer's Market (see? Told ya I love Kikoys/sarongs) and asked me if I'd take it off and wear his as advertising.

I busted up laughing and told him, "I can't! I don't have anything on underneath!" By the look on his face and his reply I realized my mistake. "I mean, I have on UNDERWEAR! But you don't have a dressing room!"

You have to meet these young men. I'm sorry but adorable just fits! I couldn't disappoint! I turned on my heel grabbed my friend Kristen and her daughter Chazi and told them we were going to make a make shift dressing room right there. I snatched up two more Kikoys (told ya they are versatile) and had them hold them like a shower curtain around me. I proceeded to disrobe and put on my new Kikoy.

I turned to the ADORABLE young men and thanked them for my new Kikoy and flounced out of their booth.

Do me a favor! If you live in the Provo,UT area go and buy a Kikoy from these young men at the Provo City Farmer's Market. They are twenty bucks. It's worth it! If not, do not despair. Leave a comment and these Adorable Young Men will be more than happy to make arrangements to get you your Kikoy! I know, cuz I just bought a bunch more!! They make great gifts!

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