Sampling of Kikoys For Sale!

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Kikoy Experience!

I love Kikoys. Always have. I love color. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. The thing I love about Kikoys is how versatile they are. When I learned how to wrap my baby in a Kikoy and carry them on me I threw away the popular baby packs of the day. Carrying my babies on me felt natural. How it should be and so my babies lived on me for well over a year of their lives.

Now I see a lot of mommies walking around with their babies in Kikoys and I can't help but give a huge shout out! Yes!! I am so glad that more mommies are realizing the benefit of having their babies up close next to them.

A few weeks ago while walking in the local Farmer's Market I came across a booth run by some college students from Africa. Can young men be called adorable? Because they were! I hopped in their booth like a scone is drawn to oil. I was bathing in their excitement to show me their Kikoys and loving every minute of it.

They produced a full length mirror and proceeded to play dress up with me for about five minutes. Man was I disappointed when I had to tell them I didn't have any money with me at that time (who in the world goes to the Farmer's Market without cash??? I did have cash......I'd spent it already at the tye die lady's booth.......). I told these young men who I wanted to pack up and bring home with me that I'd be back the next week and I wanted THAT ONE! The brightest Kikoy they had!

The following week arrived and back I headed to the Farmer's Market with one booth in mind to hit. Well, the Kikoy booth and the artisan bread booth.... I'm a sucker for fresh bread and when it has oranges and cranberries in it......well....

As I walked up to the booth with the Kikoys the young men's eyes lit up. I told them, "I told you I'd be back"! High fives around and I grabbed the Kikoy I'd seen the week before. It was still there. Phew! The young man who'd been playing dress up with me the week before took a look at the sarong I had worn to the Farmer's Market (see? Told ya I love Kikoys/sarongs) and asked me if I'd take it off and wear his as advertising.

I busted up laughing and told him, "I can't! I don't have anything on underneath!" By the look on his face and his reply I realized my mistake. "I mean, I have on UNDERWEAR! But you don't have a dressing room!"

You have to meet these young men. I'm sorry but adorable just fits! I couldn't disappoint! I turned on my heel grabbed my friend Kristen and her daughter Chazi and told them we were going to make a make shift dressing room right there. I snatched up two more Kikoys (told ya they are versatile) and had them hold them like a shower curtain around me. I proceeded to disrobe and put on my new Kikoy.

I turned to the ADORABLE young men and thanked them for my new Kikoy and flounced out of their booth.

Do me a favor! If you live in the Provo,UT area go and buy a Kikoy from these young men at the Provo City Farmer's Market. They are twenty bucks. It's worth it! If not, do not despair. Leave a comment and these Adorable Young Men will be more than happy to make arrangements to get you your Kikoy! I know, cuz I just bought a bunch more!! They make great gifts!

Add flair and style to your life by getting the kikoy

The Kikoy is an art of work with vibrant colors that give identity of who you are as a person, how you feel, and the different seasons.
The beauty of the Kikoy is its vibrancy, its uniqueness, and the moods, rhythms, and appreciation of color it evokes. It is truly a reflection of joy.
The Kikoys are manufactured in a traditional manner hence the uniqueness. After cotton is harvested in different parts of Kenya the highest quality of cotton is set aside for Kikoy production. The yarn is then dyed with eco-certified dyes that give an enduring quality. The Cotton is woven and spun by craftsmen almost like a Persian carpet and in some instances using machines.The Kikoy is then delivered for its final step to the Kikoy specialists-craftswomen. A cottage industry, a self-help group of African women gather to hand knot the ends with great care and an endeavor on quality. It is a specialty that few have the dexterity to perform. The women are able to support themselves with the proceeds of the Kikoy sale.
Kikoys can be used as a sarong, scarf, shawl, baby carrier, dress, and head dress just to mention but a few. The Kikoy is a beautiful and functional garment that enables one to be versatile, fashionable, and unique.
With the Kikoy you are assured of compliments and I dare you to get more than one lest someone covets.