Sampling of Kikoys For Sale!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Add flair and style to your life by getting the kikoy

The Kikoy is an art of work with vibrant colors that give identity of who you are as a person, how you feel, and the different seasons.
The beauty of the Kikoy is its vibrancy, its uniqueness, and the moods, rhythms, and appreciation of color it evokes. It is truly a reflection of joy.
The Kikoys are manufactured in a traditional manner hence the uniqueness. After cotton is harvested in different parts of Kenya the highest quality of cotton is set aside for Kikoy production. The yarn is then dyed with eco-certified dyes that give an enduring quality. The Cotton is woven and spun by craftsmen almost like a Persian carpet and in some instances using machines.The Kikoy is then delivered for its final step to the Kikoy specialists-craftswomen. A cottage industry, a self-help group of African women gather to hand knot the ends with great care and an endeavor on quality. It is a specialty that few have the dexterity to perform. The women are able to support themselves with the proceeds of the Kikoy sale.
Kikoys can be used as a sarong, scarf, shawl, baby carrier, dress, and head dress just to mention but a few. The Kikoy is a beautiful and functional garment that enables one to be versatile, fashionable, and unique.
With the Kikoy you are assured of compliments and I dare you to get more than one lest someone covets.


  1. Does eight count? ;) They make great gifts too!!

  2. Rachel,eight does count,it just shows your diversity of color and giving heart.I concur,Kikoys make unique gifts.If you want to be different, don't just buy a card, get them a timeless unique Kikoy