Sampling of Kikoys For Sale!


Alex Nyagah Bio

Who we are as Africans is bound up in the rivers and streams, the wildlife, our diverse languages, hamlets and villages. It is bound in our rich cultures and traditions. I am here to say it loud that I am African and I am proud.

I am a native of Kenya in East Africa. I speak English, Swahili, and Kikuyu fluently. It is because of my pride of being a native of Kenya that I seek to showcase positive attributes and products from Africa and hence the mission to encourage more trade instead of aid with Kenya by supplying Kikoys and thus encouraging independence.

I enjoy playing soccer, engaging myself in outdoor adventures, being soaked in novels, and sharing my culture.

Together with like minded folks I hope we can present Africa in a positive perspective,showcase its richness in culture, and facilitate the contribution and exploration of African opportunities.